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Solutions We Provide

At Crosstown Ventures, we provide a variety of customized equity and debt solutions designed to satisfy the specific requirements of businesses at various stages of their growth journey. With a comprehensive comprehension of the investment landscape and a dedication to success, we provide strategic guidance and capital to assist businesses in achieving their objectives. Typically, we invest for a controlling stake, which enables us to partner actively with management teams and drive value creation.

Transaction Types:​

  • Recapitalization

  • Growth Capital

  • Venture Capital

  • Joint Venture Partnerships

  • Mezzanine Financing

Investment Criteria

Our decision-making is guided by a set of well-defined investment criteria. We actively pursue opportunities that align with our expertise and offer substantial expansion potential. Our investment focus encompasses multiple industries, with a primary concentration on the Midwest. However, we remain adaptable and receptive to compelling opportunities outside of this region.

Typical Deal Size:

  • Revenue: We target companies with annual revenues ranging from $5 million to $50 million.

  • EBITDA: We seek companies with a minimum EBITDA of $500,000+. We understand the importance of profitability and look for businesses with a strong financial foundation and growth potential.

  • Geographic Focus: While we primarily focus on the Midwest region, we recognize that exceptional opportunities can arise outside this area. 

Effective leadership with a concentration on culture and people

Solid value proposition and a strategic market position

Proven business model with strong margins and generation of excess cash flow

Reccession resistant

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